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Puro Fairtrade Noble - Bean 1.000 g

Puro Fairtrade Noble - Bean 1.000 g

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Puro Fairtrade Noble - Bean 1.000 g

Flavor profile:

Our Puro Fairtrade Noble - Bean 1000 g is a balanced blend with a complex character.
The Arabicas from the heights of Guatemala have a mild and floral aroma, which harmonizes perfectly with the Arabas from Peru.
The addition of high-quality robusta gives the coffee a touch of dark chocolate that works well in any situation.


Peru: CEPROAP are located in the Pichanaki region, where coffee beans grow at an altitude of approximately 1650m above sea level among small farmers, who harvest, wash, sort and sun the beans by hand from June to October dry.
Honduras: COAGRICSAL & COPROCAEL are located in the region of Copán & Ocotopeque, the coffee beans grow at about 1000 to 1500m above sea level. These are picked by small farmers by hand, washed, sorted and then dried by sun rays.
Guatemala: FEDECOCAQUA are spread across Huehuetenango, Cobán, Verapaces, Retalhuleu, San Marcos and Zacapa. Here, the coffee is grown at about 1900m altitude at a variety of Kaffeekleinbauern. Then it is harvested by hand, cleaned, sorted out and dried by the sun.
Colombia: APROUNION are headquartered in Narino, they grow the coffee plants at about 1300 - 1800m above sea level with about 270 small farmers and coffee producers over an area of ​​about 700 hectares. They pick the coffee in the main harvest season from April to June and in a second season (small crop low season) from October to January. Again, the beans are harvested by hand, washed, sorted and then dried in the sun.
Uganda: KCFCS or Kibinge Coffee Farmers Co-operative Society is an organization of coffee growers located about 150 km southwest of Uganda's capital Kampala, in the Bukomansimbi area, in Kibinge County. This particular geographical location of Kibinge, slightly below the equator, allows you to harvest coffee twice a year. Here, the finest Robusta coffee is generally made from around the world, with hard beans that have a slightly roasted, mild and sweet taste. This coffee grows about 1250m above sea level. It is picked by hand from May to September and from October to January.

P.S: Through climatic changes, crops, the environment, politics and other factors, we also buy from time to time at other Fairtrade certified cooperations in these countries.

ARABICA in % 80
ROBUSTA in % 20
COUNTRY Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia, Uganda
Product Features
INGREDIENTS Bohnenkaffee
TYPE Beans
SELLING UNIT Bag content: 1.000 g
PACKAGING UNIT Carton content: 9 x 1.000 g
PALLET CONTENT 360 bags = 40 cartons

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